World’s best PowerBuilder training is now a better value!

Press release, for immediate publication
July 13, 2014, Morristown NJ

eLearnIt’s entire acclaimed PowerBuilder onDemand eTraining library is now available for a longer subscription period at a new reduced price!

Yakov Werde, eLearnIT’s course author and trainer observes, “In our over four years of providing cost effective training we noticed two things (1) The number developers enrolled in the core course only was four times the number enrolled in advanced courses. This told us that many employers were not providing their new developers with the full range of available training to maximally enable them to succeed at their tasks. (2) A small but constant number of developers were pulled off training and onto projects during their three month core course subscription period and needed to purchase a course extension to complete their training. This told us that for some three months is too small a time window to complete the training.” Yakov also observes that SAP Education no longer offers advanced instructor led PowerBuilder training.
“We think every new developer should be given the maximum opportunity to master the PowerBuilder platform”

The address current market needs eLearnIT decided to make its complete PowerBuilder Series training bundle available to every new PowerBuilder developer at a new lower price with quadrupled access time. Starting July 15th 2014 eLearnIT’s “Triple Play” bundle will be offered at a lowered per developer price with extended the course subscription for one complete year. As an added bonus, any additional modules eLearnIT adds during the subscription period will be available to all subscribers at no additional cost.

Here are the details:
PowerBuilder Essentials, Advanced Parts I and II, a total of 21 learning modules with hands on labs (equivalent of almost three weeks of classroom training) will now cost only $1600 for a one year unlimited access subscription. This price is a 30% discount off of today’s triple course rate. ISUG Gold members will be entitled to additional discounts.

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As of July 15th eLearnIT individual PowerBuilder courses will not be sold separately

eLearnIT will extend a special $800 subscription offer to all developers who completed eLearnIT’s Core Fundamentals course within the last 6 months: This will give these developers the ability to review their Core course content together will all the Advanced modules for one more year.
eLearnIT will offer annual subscription extensions for $800 per developer.

About eLearnIT: Founded in 2009 as a training company with the mission to improve the practice of PowerBuilder developers and the enterprises they support, eLearnIT has expanded into a full service consultancy providing PowerBuilder application development and managed services in addition to training.

About ISUG-Tech: The Independent SAP Technical User Group is an independent association that represents and supports thousands of technical users of SAP products in more than sixty countries around the world.
ISUG-Tech members are the technical experts that connect technology with business enabling real solutions to be delivered across every industry sector. ISUG-TECH helps developers get ahead of the pack in the IT world, so they can deliver the solutions that the business world thrives upon.


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