Appeon for PowerBuilder

Appeon Web enables you to automatically convert your SAP PowerBuilder rich GUI, Client/Server business applications into Internet Explorer, browser based Web applications in as little as a few months or even weeks. The original Multi Document Interface UI and behavior are faithfully preserved, avoiding retraining & possible user rejection. There is no faster proven approach to Web-enable your SAP PowerBuilder business applications.

Building on their many years of success with running PowerBuilder applications in a browser, Appeon Corp released their 2013 R2 Universal version.  In addition to web deployment, this revolutionary platform supports deploying PowerBuilder code to both Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

Appeon Mobile enables SAP PowerBuilder developers to rapidly develop and deploy mobile applications using their finely honed PowerBuilder skills.  Appeon Mobile applications are cross-OS, and can be deployed with no modification to both iOS and Android devices. On the device, they are powered by native mobile technology, delivering high-performance feature-rich apps to your users. For PowerBuilder shops, Appeon Mobile is the fastest, most cost efficient path to mobile deployment for lets you combine your existing PowerBuilder logic, DataWindow technology and developer skills to produce richly functional mobile applications

  • 1 Appeon Consulting

    If you have a PowerBuilder client/server app and are considering or planning to deploy it to a web or mobile platform and don’t have in-house expertise, eLearnIT’s experienced Appeon consultants can take your mobilization vision from concept to deployment or assist and guide your in-house staff in their efforts

  • 2 Appeon Training

    Whether your team is planning a first time Appeon deployment, or you are evaluating Appeon’s capabilities before committing to a full scale effort, eLearnIT’s “Appeon Mobile in 24 hours Workshop” can rapidly enable your staff to master the Appeon’s tools and platform while showing them many tips and tricks that will cut days off their ramp-up effort.