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  • 1 Application Migration

    Information Technology vendors continually enhance their computing platforms.  Often times technology changes are evolutionary; occasionally changes are revolutionary.  When revolutionary, pent up user community pressure can combine with intensified technical pressure to force major change.  All applications must be periodically migrated to remain current.  In line with platform change, oftentimes application migrations are evolutionary; but occasionally they are revolutionary:

    Here are five migration profiles.  How would you classify them?  Which ones are you pondering?

    1. Classic PowerBuilder Client/Server unsupported version to current version
    2. Classic PowerBuilder Client/Server to PowerBuilder .NET
    3. EAServer Distributed Architcture to SOA with IIS & WCF
    4. Classic PowerBuilder Client/Server to Web
    5. Classic PowerBuilder Client/Server to Mobile Tablet
    6. Classic PowerBuilder Client/Server to pure .NET or Java

    In each of these categories there are many business and technical questions you must ponder.  Among them:

    • When to migrate?
    • Why migrate?
    • What are the cost/benefits of migrating?
    • How do I know if I need to migrate?
    • What are the risks in migrating?
    • What are the risks inherent in not migrating?
    • What do I do if I’m not familiar with the process?
    • What are my risks if I take a do-it-myself approach?
    • What benefit does a consultant provide the migration process?
    • Are there external dependencies that influence my ability to migrate?
    • How long does a migration process take?
    • How do I test my migrated application?
    • How do I roll out my migrated application?

    Why make eLearnIT your migration consultant?

    eLearnIT is referred by SAP to customers throughout the world.  eLearnIT “wrote the book” on PowerBuilder refactoring .NET migration and going mobile with Appeon.

  • 2 Assessments

    Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and large enterprise IT shops carefully plan the direction of their mission critical applications, often composing technology roadmaps through a series of boardroom level discussions.  Typical scenarios include:

    1. Your group inherited a legacy PowerBuilder system and there is no one on staff who knows how to maintain it.  Is it worth modernizing and maintaining or should you rewrite it?
    2. Your group is looking to ‘future proof’ code and data assets and needs a plan.
    3. Your group needs to integrate with .NET and needs a plan
    4. You are an ISV and you have a very large, complex application which is ready for modernization

    eLearnIT is referred by Sybase(SAP) to customers throughout the world.  eLearnIT “wrote the book” on PowerBuilder refactoring, .NET migration and going mobile with Appeon.

  • 3 Projects

    1. Application maintenance:  Need to add or augment current functionality.
    2. Short staffed need skilled senior level PowerBuilder developers to work on your application.
    3. Time to move on: You are rewriting your code but would like a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to assure performance during the transition

    Customer Success Stories: NYU, NYS Housing Authority, Housing Authority Insurance Group, UofAz, GMG, TactusMD