Buy Me a Coffee

Need a brief consultation to solve a gnarly problem?

eLearnIT Digital Coffee Consultations.

We listen. We watch. We examine. We show. YOU GROW

What: An hourly consultation focused on helping you with your current programming challenge and answering your questions

Why: We are current in the most modern technologies and integration techniques. We have broad and deep experience by virtue of having worked with so many clients in so many situations over the years. Sometimes sitting down with an expert really can make a big difference.

Where: Typically in a GoToMeeting session. We can share screens, look at code and discuss issues overs over a crystal clear remote connection. Coffee is optional.  Travel is eliminated.

Who For: Developers, and / or IT managers with PowerBuilder or Appeon related issue to solve.

How Much: In hourly blocks costing $150/hour for up to 5 hours & 125/hour for more than 5 hours.  We’ll estimate the time before we start. Payment is via PayPal before a session begins.