Archive June, 2014

  • Fingerprint Verification with PowerBuilder

    Using the NeuroTechnology Free Fingerprint Verification API with PowerBuilder

    Creating a time and attendance application? Need to add biometric verification to your PowerBuilder application? In this video Yakov Werde will walk you through the PowerBuilder programming basics of calling the NeuroTechnology SDK to read prints from a supported fingerprint reader device.

    Download Example Source Code

  • PowerBuilder with COM InterOP Demystified

    Curious how COM InterOP works and how to use it in PowerBuilder?

    Here’s a video of my 2014 Charlotte PowerBuilder User Group Conference presentation covering PowerBuilder Classic and COM InterOp. The presentation provides a technical overview, a survey of necessary tools as well as implementation detail.  There’s a live demo toward the end of the presentation.

    I use this integration approach to implement a solution in a legacy PowerBuilder application when .NET provides necessary functionality and PowerBuilder doesn’t.